Well I am not sure how many people actually read this section on anyones website, but I think it is just as important as looking at a bunch of pictures of kittens!  You want to know your breeder or at least know their philosophy on how they raise their babies and how their kitties live.

First and most important, how do my kitties live?  After all, you can't just have a bunch of males and females together and hope you don't have a hundred kittens at a time right?  After all, they are animals and their instincts take over, they certainly don't have to worry about making a paycheck to support all their kids!  Our boys live in Condos, yes you read that right, Condos!  They are 10ft long, 5 ft wide and 8 ft high.  Large enough for a full size cat tree!  They condos are cut in half with a door and a cat door, this is so the back room of the condo can be air-conditioned for their comfort in the summer time.  Once they come through the cat door, they come to a screened enclosure which allows them to look outside, see all the girls and people who are walking around our porch.  All important factors so you have happy, healthy males.

Each boy has their own space so that territory is never an issue. They can see and smell each other but are totally safe from anyone who wants to climb the chain of command!

The girls!  Well the girls have a 1200 sq ft porch which is completely screened in for their squirrel hunting enjoyment! They love stalking the squirrels as the run along the fence in the back yard! In the summer when it is hot, we put a cat door in the slider so each cat can come into the a/c and relax as they choose.  Surprisingly enough, they prefer the outside most of the time.

Now the important part, the kittens! Our kittens are raised in our bedroom until they are 8 weeks old.  They are not part of the general population as their immune systems can be compromised.  They are raised in birthing cages with their moms until they are six weeks old or can climb out, whichever comes first.  We encourage them to explore, sleep with us and lots of human interaction.  After their first set of shots, they can come downstairs and live with the family.  Again, not other cats but with their humans.  It is important to nuture all their individual personalities, yes they all have individual personalities just like children.